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Szőlész-borász mérnök MSc angol

Last modified: 18. October 2022

Engineer of Viticulture and Oenology MSc


Programme leader: professor György Dénes Bisztray, PhD
Working arrangement: full-time / part-time
Language: Hungarian
Duration: 4 semesters
Qualification obtained: Chartered viticulture-wine engineer
Form of financing: state-aided / self-financed

While in the bachelor's programme more emphasis is put on practical knowledge, in the MSc programme you can acquire deeper and more extensive professional knowledge.

The course aims to train certified engineers who:

  • are familiar with the interdisciplinary basic sciences (natural and social sciences) on which their profession is based, 
  • they are familiar with the characteristics, innovative and up-to-date achievements of the wine sector and the wine market, and with the millennia-old traditions of the sector,  
  • they have an appreciation of the Hungarian culture and the European and international perspective of the sector, and are able to make use of the latest scientific and practical findings, 
  • are well informed about the basic principles of the operation of the wine-growing sector, 
  • are able to apply their knowledge in this specialised field on an international scale. 

Further learning:

  • PhD training
  • further specialised training
  • adult training courses

Employment opportunities:

  • modern production management, organisation, distribution
  • advisory services to representative organizations
  • sectoral research and development and its management
  • developing and managing international trade, production and research cooperations
  • design and implementation of EU programmes
  • higher education and vocational training in foreign languages 
  • trade press, professional media
  • management of professional information networks and service enterprises

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