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Last modified: 18. October 2022

Doctoral training


Horticultural science has been taught as a separate discipline in Hungary since 1853, and it draws extensively on the basic ecological, biological, plant life and biochemical sciences, but also makes close use of the latest findings in engineering, economics and information technology. The field of horticultural research and knowledge has developed into a very broad discipline in the 20th century.

Horticultural science deals with all scientific subjects that allow:

  • the production of plant varieties that are better adapted to the growing conditions and more resistant to disease;
  • to increase plant production by making better use of the possibilities of metabolic regulation;
  • to produce products of guaranteed quality which are best suited to different uses;
  • developing new efficient and environmentally friendly production methods.

The aim and orientation of the training organised at the Doctoral School of Horticulture is to:

Alongside around 50 supervisors, the doctoral programme involves nearly 150 qualified scientists in horticultural science, plant conservation, plant biology, biochemistry, soil science and agrochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and breeding, agro-economics and agronomy, environmental science and environmental protection. The doctoral school will build primarily on the system of training and scientific research activities of the Faculty's 18 scientific workshops, but will also make use of the opportunities for cooperation that have been established over decades with other faculties and other higher education and research institutions.

The aim of the doctoral school is to equip students with the knowledge of modern physiology, analytics and molecular biology, so that they can apply the acquired approaches and methods in the "classical" fields of horticultural plant production, as well as in related life sciences. The thematic groups function as professional, nonorganisational units, focusing on a specific subject area and bringing together the teachers and students working in them. However, ongoing collaboration between the thematic groups is the basis of the School's work.

The official website of the Doctoral School of Horticulture:

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