Research activity

Kutatás angol

Last modified: 18. October 2022

Our mission is to train professionals for the Hungarian wine sector, to provide expert advice for the professional world, and to cooperate in research at national and international level. Furthermore, to serve those working in the sector and those interested in the sector with research and educational activities at the highest level, both nationally and internationally.

Our research focus areas are:

  • Development and adaptation of biological viticulture technologies based on alternative wines, stock plantations and genetic stocks in the light of adaptation to a changing environment.
  • Clonal selection and cross-breeding of perspective grape varieties.
  • Development of methods for grape variety evaluation research.
  • Investigation of the fine composition of grape and fruit wines, e.g. methanol concentration, chemical composition in the light of climate change.
  • Application of precision agriculture in viticulture.
  • Investigation of physiological compounds in wines and wine by-products, not least for the production of marketable dietary supplements.
  • Investigation of physiological compounds in wines and wine by-products.
  • Development and adaptation of modern oenological technologies, e.g. ion exchange, reverse osmosis, for the production of new types of marketable wine products.
  • Development and adaptation of carbonated beverage technologies, e.g. frizzante, sparkling wine, for specific wine regions, to increase the choice and thus market share.
  • Complex processing of grape and wine by-products, prototyping of marketable products.
  • Developing alternative recipes for non-fermented products, mainly based on grapes but also other fruit.

Close educational and research cooperation with several national professional organisations and companies:

  • National Council of the Wine Communities (Hegyközségek Nemzeti Tanácsa)
  • Hungarian Wine Academy (Magyar Bor Akadémia)
  • National Association of Hungarian Wine Orders (Magyarországi Borrendek Országos Szövetsége)
  • National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH)
  • Junibor (Association of young winemakers)
  • Small and medium-sized wineries from all wine regions of the country
  • Close cooperation between education and R&D&I projects

International relations:

  • Our international Vintage Master's programme, thanks to which we are in permanent educational and professional contact with several universities abroad


Last modified: 22. November 2021