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Last modified: 18. October 2022

Wine Chemistry Research Group


Head of research group: prof. emeritus Miklós Kállay, PhD


  • Annamária Sólyom-Leskó, PhD
  • Nyitrainé Dr. Sárdy Diána, , PhD
  • Zsuzsanna Guld (PhD student)
  • Szőke Barna Árpád (PhD student)
  • Balga Irina (PhD student)
  • Nagy Balázs (PhD student)

From 2014 

Head of research group: Diána Nyitrainé Sárdy, PhD


  • Szőke Barna Árpád, PhD
  • Nikolett Kellner, PhD
  • Szabina Steckl
  • Áron Szövényi
  • Dorottya Kocsis (PhD student)
  • Eszter Antal (PhD student)
  • Matolcsi Réka (PhD student)

Profile of the research group:

  • investigation of the fine composition and chemical composition of grape and fruit wines 
  • physiological compounds of wines and wine by-products
  • development and adaptation of advanced oenological technologies for the production of new types of wine products


Wine Technology and Microbiology Research Group

Head of research group: Annamária Sólyom-Leskó, PhD


  • Áron Szövényi
  • Szabina Steckl
  • Barnabás Zoltán Kovács, PhD
  • Balázs Nagy, PhD
  • Diána Nyitrainé Sárdy, PhD
  • Nikolett Kellner, PhD

Profile of the research group:

  • development and adaptation of biological viticulture technologies 
  • clonal selection and cross-breeding of perspective grape varieties
  • development of methods for grape variety evaluation research
  • application of precision agriculture in viticulture
  • development and adaptation of carbonic beverage technologies for specific wine regions
  • expanding the range and increasing market share
  • complex processing of grape and wine by-products and prototyping of marketable products
  • developing recipes for alternative products based on unfermented grapes and other fruit

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