Higher vocational training

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Last modified: 18. October 2022

Higher vocational training in viticulture and oenology


Programme leader: Zsuzsanna Varga, PhD
Working arrangement: full-time and part-time
Training locations: Károly Róbert Campus (Gyöngyös) and Georgikon Campus (Keszthely)
Language: Hungarian
Duration of training: 4 semesters
Qualification obtained: Assistant viticulturist-winemaker engineer
Form of financing: state-aided / self-financed
Self-fee: 200.000 HUF / semester

Training objective:

The aim of the higher vocational training is to train viticulturists-winemakers who have practical knowledge, are able to apply the knowledge acquired in an integrated way, and are able to solve unforeseen situations partially or completely. They are capable of planning the cultivation technology of vines, adapting it to ecological and agrotechnical factors, organising and carrying out cultivation technology operations, and managing and monitoring their implementation. They are skilled in the application of oenological operations and have the theoretical and practical knowledge required to carry out the interventions required by the technology.

Further training opportunities: 

  • Bachelor of viticulture and oenology
  • specialised training courses
  • Courses in viticulture and vinification

Employment opportunities:
The most typical FEOR jobs with higher education qualifications:

  • 3113 Food industry technician
  • 3131 Agricultural technician
  • 3135 Quality assurance technician
  • 3161 Work and production organizer
  • 3410 Educational assistant
  • 6114 Grape and fruit grower
  • 7115 Wine producer, manufacturer of other alcoholic beverages, soda-water producer

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